“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see”

- Neil Postman
  My mission is to create a whole new school system where the children’s needs and perspectives are in focus, so learning becomes fun and a passion. Where students are inspired to co-create a new world where we live in peace and harmony together at all levels.   The world is changing and so are we, so we may adjust the way we learn and live too. To work with holistic heart education – to break the boxes - and instead create conscious, empowered and healthy ways to learn and live. Where children can learn different perspectives and experience flow and balance in body, mind, heart and soul. Maybe then we have a chance to create a world where we thrive and blossom.   Join me on my quest to co-create a new Global Holistic School System and the Theos Heart Education Association - THEA. Together, we can change the world!   This site is where you can get updates of the process, share your experiences and tips and support the movement!