New Generation

A New Generation Children

There is a new generation of children on the planet. Children, who see the world differently than we did back in the days. Children, that are seen as different and even not “normal.” Children, who have more developed brains and use more of it than majority of adults today. Have more activated DNA. Some called indigo, star or crystal children, genius´ or stupid. In most of the world, we make these children wrong – even put “alphabet” diagnosis´s on some of them such as ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Bipolar, Explosive, Hyperactive, Sensitive – the list is long. There is nothing wrong with these children! How can it be that millions of children are stressed and diagnosed with different diseases? What if it is the system that is not fitted for a new generation of children? What if we try to put them into a box that they are too big for? We suppose to integrate the children into a school system. Have three year olds prepare for the school world. To sit, listen and nod. Learn to read, write and count before they can walk. Do what they are told…. The new puppets of the world. This is where I want to flip things around.

I want us to see the new generation – our children –, as equals and even as our teachers. To see the perfection and potentials in them.

We need to break free from the old systems and paradigm that no longer serves us. We have to start from scratch. We must create a foundation where children thrive and can save the planet where we have failed. Create peace on earth. Children are not born racists, evil or bad. We are the ones who create that. It is time to change…

Love cannot be fit into any box of reason or understanding. It is the light of grace through which every soul is liberated from its self-imposed box of limiting reasons and self-defeating understandings. Love cannot accommodate the preferences of prisoners. It is simply too busy setting hearts free, so that all are free to love.”

~ Matt Kahn